How to install pull up bar without door frame?

Are you seeking to know how to install a pullup bar without a door frame? Although, pull up bar is usually set up with door frame, but not all doors come with the door frame even some door is designed with slim door trim if you have faced this problem then no worries because there has an alternative solution for this problem.

In this guide, you will get the easiest ways of installing a pull-up bar without a door frame and slim door trim. Also, you will know how to secure the pull-up bar in the right methods. So, let’s start.

Installing a pull-up bar without a door frame is as easy as you don’t think. The wall-mounted and free-standing methods are the best solutions for this problem.”


How to install pull up bar without door frame

Is an iron gym without a door frame is possible at home? Yes, a pullup bar at your home can relief you from going to the gym. It is one of the right methods to keep fit all members of a home. Besides, it is easy to use on your own. But you have to know the proper method of installing.

This type of pull-up bar is mostly used with the door frame. So, it is also called a doorway pull-up bar. But many have a door without a frame or thick door trim, and they can’t install a pull-up bar without a frame and get confused. Here we discussed three simple ways to install a pull-up bar at your home.

  • Bracket mount method
  • Woodblock mount method
  • Wall hook method

Bracket mount method

It would help if you had multiple metal brackets and right angles to install a pull-up bar in the bracket mount method. These angles and brackets are work to hold the pull-up bar like a secure hook. Keep in mind to be careful before drilling into the wall and the header of the doorway. Otherwise, the screws may loosen and tear out from the wall or header.

Essential things:

  • Two to three weight-bearing metal brackets
  • Up to three or four weight-bearing wall-screw
  • Four washers to make secure the screws.

First step: Take the measurement 

It is an easy effort to pull up the bar installation process. You have to hold the pull-up bar on the doorway header in the way you want to mount it.

Now mark the specified place with a pencil so that the next step will be convenient.

Second step: Bracket mounting

Here you must remember three important things about the brackets. Firstly, the brackets should have enough weight-bearing power. Then, the bracket holes and drilling holes should be studded each other. Most importantly, the diameter of the hole would be a suitable fit for the screws. Now take a bracket and hold it at one end of the pool bar over the header.

It is essential to notice that that the bracket will be in the law shape. Then enter a screw into one hole and be ready for drilling. Continue to drill until the bolt of the screw passes over the wall. Similarly, do for another bracket.

Final step: Check the bracket stability

In this step, hook up the pull bar with the mount and check the stability. You can put some heavy weight on it for the stability test.


Wood Block Mount Method

Many love to avoid wall mounting and look for how to install pull-up bar without a screwIt is a great method for those who don’t like to drill into their wall. Three things are needed for this method, and these are a wooden board of 1-inch thickness, mounting tape soap, and washcloth.

First step: Woodcutting

Cut a piece of wood with 3 inches length and 1 inch’s thickness. Most importantly, the board would be flat and rectangular. For this, you can also use unused door trim or clipboard.

Second step: Wall cleaning

It is not a mandatory step, but essential for the right pull bar installing. You can use the washcloth and soap to wipe or clean the wall top on the doorway.

Third step: Mount the Board

Now apply a mounting tape on that wall to mount the board and place the board horizontally on the specific place. Now the board has to press it on the wall for about 1 minute.

Final step: Check the pull-bar

You have done it now. It is time to check the pull-up bar stability. And for this, you have to keep the heavyweight in it for a while.


Wall Hook Method

This wall-mounted pull-up bar installing process is slightly like the bracket mounting method. Here it would help if you also drilled the wall for two-sided brackets. And you will need a utility wall hook and weight-bearing screws for this method.

First step: Mount your hook

There has some good quality wall adhesive for very strong wall mounting. But drilling wall hook is most secure than the adhesive hook. Put the pull up bar between the two walls and mark a specific spot with a pencil. After then drill the hooks into the wall.

Second step: trial your hooks

Since the installation has done so, you can check it now if it is stable or not. It ensures your pull up bar security.



Do pull up bars damage door frames?

Yes, A portable pull up-bar can damage a door frame gradually.

That is why it is not right to impose extra weight more than the carrying capacity.

Can my door support a pull up bar?

Since a door frame usually can hold up to 250 to 200 pounds weight, almost all of the doors can support a pull-up bar. However, there have some thicker door frames that cannot bear the pull bar weight.

Is it safe to do pull-ups on a door frame?

If you are a new climber on the pull-up bar, it might be a little tricky for you. But pulls up on a door frame is quite safe. So, you can go with dead hang on hang boards.


Final word:

I hope you know the process of how to install a pull-up bar without a door frame. We have discussed three step-by-step processes of pull-up bar installation. You can use the easier method that is suitable for your door.


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