How many pull-ups should I be able to do?

When any of you think of fitness and the gym, a typical picture appears to your mind, and that is one day you would have your beautiful shaped body with super attractive chest and muscles. Then you start your workout and feel confused and then utter yourself how many pull-ups should I be able to do?. Or can I do pull-ups every day to get the perfect body shape? Having a muscular chest and muscle, and ultimately the ideal body shape is not so natural to gain.

We all know the pull up is one of the most rigorous upper body strength exercises. It is such a type of activity that you can do nearly anywhere, but the thing you need is a sturdy bar to hold onto. The decision of how many pull-ups you should do per session is pretty simple. The ultimate fact of taking your choice, whether you can do every day or not, depends basically on your fitness goal.

Some Interesting Facts About Pull-Ups

Before we go on, we can look at some interesting facts about the pull-ups mentioned below.

  • If you are a 17-year-old male and can do eight consecutive pull up properly, you belong to the 50th percentile in terms of National Physical Award criteria.
  • Whether you can go up to a total of 13 pull-ups, in the same way, you probably get a grand rank in the 75th
  • If you are a 17-year-old female and can do a single pull up in the proper way, yourself belong to the 75th percentile relative to the other surroundings girls.
  • The name of the world record holder of doing the maximum pull up is Jan Kares, who was able to do 232 pull ups in 36 minutes in 2010.
  • There are lots of individuals who can do 25 or more bodyweight pull up without even breaking a sweat.

So, the summary is how many pull ups one should do depends on one’s desire and fitness goal. Regularly, the number of pull-ups varies from person to person. If you want to be healthier, you should follow a specific way, or if you’re going to develop more endurance, you should pursue another idea.

How many pull-ups should I do or I will be able to do?- Here is the answer

According to the August 2002 study in the “European Journal of Applied Physiology,” on the one hand, people who usually take four sets of three to five reps gain comparatively more strength. On the other hand, people who perform two sets of 20 to 28 reps gain more endurance. The essential thing of this study is that the lower the amount of pull-up you do with a lot of weight, the healthier you can make yourself. Whereas the higher the numbers of pull up you do with less weight, the more endurance you can develop.

Again, in the Potential Royal Marine Course (PMRC), you would require doing three full pull up to continue the course, whereas 16 gives the highest point score. According to Lerwill, a person with a good shape should be able to do about six pull-ups in the perfect form at a slow and controlled rhythm, to get to 12 reps. Once you can reach that point, you should make them more robust by holding a dumbbell between your ankles or wearing a belt with weight plates attached. You are right to consider the following things when you start doing your pull-ups.

  • If you want to develop a more muscular upper body, you should prefer low amounts of pull up and high weight. When you find it feels so easy to do pull up, you can wear a backpack with loads.
  • An article by Sean Nalewanyi on “Iron” magazine suggests five to seven as the ideal rep range to gain strength and muscle.
  • In terms of increasing your endurance, you should do as many pull up as you can do.

At the beginning of your work out, you may find it difficult. At that time, you can do a half pull up and make it full of many pull ups when your body is ready to gain enough endurance gradually.

Can I Do Pull-Ups Every Day?

To keep the body fit, you all think of having work out every day. Though it’s suitable for other workouts in terms of pull-ups, you do not need to do it on an everyday basis. It is enough to have two or three weight training sessions a week for most of the people. However, if you wish to have the work out most days of the week, divide your routine into upper body and lower body days so that you can avoid working for the same muscle groups too much.

Pull up is a great way to build your upper body strength quickly. It also gets you excellent body posture and shape. But it can affect you adversely if you make the mistakes for quite a long time. It would help if you did not insist your body has an excessive number of pull up, which is beyond the ability of your body. The perfect way is adjusting your body with the names and style of pull up gradually.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you got your answer to the question of how many pull ups should I be able to do? And can I do pull-ups every day?. You all know it’s all about following the perfect way in any work out task to have the ideal shape. Otherwise, it can bring you a negative output. Following the procedures mentioned above, we expect you would have you’re first to pull up experience.


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