Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar- Here is What You Should Know !

Before we go on what is  perfect fitness pull up bar, we should know what is pull-up. Pull-up is a very effective exercise to work out and sculpt your upper body. This single exercise will help you achieve a great body shape in just a matter of few months. Not only does it shape your upper body, it also increases your grip strength and core strength.

So what will do the magnificent fitness pull up bar? It will help you in exercise to build your back and arm muscles. Pull-up is basically holding on to bar that is sufficiently above your height, pull your body weight to the point your chin is above the bar. At the beginning it may be difficult as your arm and back muscles are not as strong but remember the proverb ‘no pain no gain’ and not give up. In the matter of few weeks you will see the visible change.

Now to perform this exercise at home, you need a pull up bar. When getting yourself a pull-up bar, you must have a checklist for it. Take a look at the checklist given below:

  • Assemblage: The bar has to be easily put together without hassle and help of an installation expert.
  • Compactness: it must be compact and portable enough to fit between doorways and take on the road.
  • Durability: Look for a bar that’s cast in steel housing and damage-free along with longevity.
  • Multi-functional: There are several bars that come with multiple gripping positions and accessories to assist in full body exercise.
  • Leverage: Stability is a vital for pull up bars since you are putting your whole body weight on the bar. An unstable one may cause you a serious injury so you should definitely keep this on your checklist.
  • Weight: The bar must be able to carry at least 300 lbs. although some models carry higher body densities.

Types of pull-up bars

Even though pull-up bars are meant for a single exercise, there are various types of pull up bars in market. Familiarizing oneself with these attributes is a good start. It will help you find the right style of pull up bar for you. What are your goals? Do you want a portable one that fits your doorway? Or the type that will suit your travel fitness needs? Take a look at these popular pull-up bar types and find out:

Doorway: Also known as telescopic bars, they extend and wedge between the uprights of a door frame without the need of assembling.

Freestanding: Tower-based machines with a stable footprint to manage weight and standard upper-body exercise.

Portable: Travel-friendly bars that can be dissembled into a tight-fitting space.

Wall/ceiling: You can mount these bars onto the surface to keep it parallel to the ground and keep your work out space free.

best Pull-up bars in market

Benefits of pull-up bars

It’s already been said in the earlier that pull-up is one of the most effective exercises. It helps to sculpt body, building up grip and core strength and lower chances of muscle pain. push-ups specially focus on the arm muscles as well as back muscles. Even though pull-up has an attractive presence in silver screen as you see your idols doing reps of push-ups like nothing and beating up villains with those buff muscles, it may not look appealing for daily life style. But you will realize the impact of your regular pull ups in daily life as you conduct weight-lifting chores and kitchen chores that require some grip and arm strength.

So you can rest assure that spending some cash on a pull-up bar will definitely be worth it. And when the bar is right in front of your eyes, you will surely turn the exercise into a habit. You would be pleasantly surprised when you see the positive changes in your life become visible with the help of a simple pull-up bar.

What are the best pull-up bars in market?

We hope that you are intrigued to know some of the pull-up bars in market as you have picked interest in the exercise. Now we would like to introduce you to some of the best reviewed pull up bars from experts.

CAP Barbell Workout Bar : perfect pull-up assist

CAP Barbell Workout BarThis CAP bar is ideal for those who are looking for a bar with multiple grip positions. This bar can do it all, from wide to palm facing chin ups.  The bar also provides non-slip comfort. It mounts on the door very easily and when you take it down and put it on the floor to use the grips for push-ups.

Pure Fitness Pull-up Bar : perfect pull-up handles

Pure Fitness Pull up BarPure Fitness’ bar is a sleek and efficient bar with eight grip configuration. It attaches to almost any doors and can holds up to 350 pounds. It has comfortable foam handles and will not bother your walls with a protective foam coating.

Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull up BarA wall mounted bar is a great choice for you if you don’t like the idea of hanging in front of your doorway. It is an incredibly sturdy and durable which is adjustable with 5 different height variations also capable of holding 350 pounds. With a thick bar, you would be getting an excellent grip workout.

Akonza Dip Station : perfect pull-ups workout

Akonza Dip StationIf you are willing to invest more in a bar that is multi functional, our last suggestion is perfect for you. Akonza is a dream like device if you have got the space. Not only does it have a bar for pull-ups, but also grips for dips and abdominal workouts. It provides a pad on the back that supports you while you do raises and a thick foam grip that makes flipping your grips and chin-ups easy. It will get you a complete result on getting a full-body work-out.

So, this is all for today about the best fitness pull up bar. Hopefully, you have got your information in this write-up that you are looking for. You can also choose any of the above pull-up bars or can go for other one.